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pvl crap

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the instructions say no "s" plugs. does that mean no b8es type plugs? and how much turning does it take to build a charge anough for a spark? anyone know? turning mine by hand produces nothing. im assuming it needs to spin over a few times to build a charge. yeah?

i hate new things i dont understand.


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No resistor plugs, wires or caps if I'm not mistaken...I know you can't use resistor wires or caps for sure.

Don't know how fast you have to turn them but all my bikes have them and pop over with a slight push. Half the time they don't even want to die when you hit the kill have to actually hold it down long enough for the engine to stop turning or it will fire right back up again.

But if you are looking for spark by like turning the engine over with the wrench or pushing down on the kicker you probably won't see any spark.
I ended up tossing all the "pvl" plug caps and getting NGK non-resistor caps, way nicer than the caps that come with the PVL's.

Are the instructions from PVL or from Penton?

An "S" type NGK plug is just a standard 2.5mm center electrode....standard plug, nothing special about it. Sounds like it want's some Iridium plugs. Which for a CB350 would be a NGK BR8EIX.

Bear in mind that most NGK instructions are geared toward two strokes. And the instructions tend to be heavily weighted towards "starting" the engine as opposed to running or racing. In all my bikes I use a B8HA NGK plug....the "A" means "special design"....whatever the hell that means. But it appears to have a standard 2.5mm center electrode like most other plugs. Most PVL instructions I've seen are all about starting the engine, cause Mag/CDI ignitions are supposedly the weakest during starting...even though every one I've ever installed starts freakin great.

But...since you are lucky enough to have a NGK Iridium plug made for your bike I'd freakin use them, they are great plugs. What PVL is probably concerned with is that at low starting rpms (think kick starter) the thin electrode Iridium plugs will fire easier than standard center electrode plugs.

Go here for an explaination of NGK codes:

And here to look up the plugs for your bike.

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Yeah I hate the way Penton does business...but anyway.

For the real scoop on PVL technical issues....go here:

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