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PVL kits for 175's

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Lots of money, does anybody want one?

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If there is a problem I can supply mounting plates to Aaron. I think we use different designs though.

Also PVL users must decide if they want to use a block off plate or not, to isolate the left side of the engine from oil flow. May or may not be necessary, I use one because it makes timing adjustments a breeze and keeps the PVL clean. The plates I make are about $60 each.

The whole project is kind of pricey...but in my opinion it's the last step in turning a 175 into a real race bike. You guys will have to take a look at my bikes and Hiroshi's to decide for yourself. With the PVL installed you end up with basically an engine, frame and wheels. Very clean, very light, and trouble free. No battery of course, which means no battery box etc, wiring is simplified, no on/off switch...just a push type kill button. Coil and CDI unit are tiny, with proper connectors already in place. If you find yourself jealous of the factory "GP" bikes like MT, TA's etc then you'll like the PVL. It turns the 175 into a four stroke chain saw..push it starts..hit the button it stops.
Typically you can lose at least 5 lbs or more in bike weight.
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Not to be pricing Aaron's parts the PVL system is not around $700...I'm guessing closer to $500 including block off plate and mounting plate. If you didn't use a block off plate and made your own mounting plate then maybe around $400.

For weight reduction you can subtract your battery weight, whatever battery mounting system you use, and about half the weight of your coil. Then add about 2.5 pounds for the PVL stator, rotor, mounting plate and block off plate if you plan to use one.

And...once you get down to a light bike...$100 a pound isn't bad. Figure alloy rims cost you about $120 to save a pound on each wheel. Glass tank will cost you close to $100 a pound. I WISH I could by weight reduction at $50/pound right now...I'd buy 20 lbs worth.
Well....the forum lost my lengthy technical reply on making the PVL fit a vert. short, it can be done without too much trouble. And at no greater cost than for a sloper.
You'd have to find a donor CL175. The 160 has too many differences.

1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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