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I have a t 250 that I want to make into a TR 250, is it legal to run a dry clutch in it? The rules state external appearance should remain the same but I would bet a tr 250 was a dry clutch in the sixties.

Also, I had a great weekend and I am happy with my results on my new scoot. The tank came out the balls! and the bike ran better way better than I hoped it would. I need to make some adjustments and the next time out should be a lot more fun. I scored a 10th in MW and a 7th in F2 and I thought F2 was harder and had way more bikes in it. Both races I was alone and didn't have anyone to race with.(yawn)
I have a trackday on the 25th and Danny is letting me run his Guzzi, I am real curious how I would do on it, that bike is fast, he is just unsure of it right now. That was his very first time in a race so his first time going into turn one was a real wakeup for him. I was proud of him.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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