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Question about cb350 front end

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Hey guys, so I'm new to the forum and new to motorcycles so please don't make fun of me for asking stupid questions haha!

So I've recently picked up a 1973 Honda CB350. One of the things I have been wondering is regarding the front end.
So this is what my bike currently looks like:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Here is the front end style that I am going for:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Automotive tire

I was wondering what was done in order to make that front wheel closer to the frame? Was it an entirely new front end, or just a bigger rim/tire, or is it a simple adjustment to the stock forks?
Again, sorry if what I'm asking seems obvious, like I said, I'm new to bikes. I grew up on old trucks. Thank you everyone in advance for the help.
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I am currently working on a list of all the things I am going to do to the bike, as well as a list of things to consider doing to the bike. This question was located in the "consider doing to the bike" section. I simply wanted to know how it was done so that I could figure out if it was something I wanted to do in the future. This specific aspect of the entire project is not a matter of me choosing to spend money on simply making it look "cool", this question was simply so that I could understand how it was done and then decide if it was something I eventually wanted to do to my bike or not. It is a new project with a long road ahead to get it the way I want it. I was already looking into most of the concerns you had on your list. Hopefully that can make you rest easy that I'm not just another kid out there looking to make their bike look cool on the side of the road without any concern for safety. I am trying to build a quality bike. However, like I said in the beginning, I am just new to this and had a simple question.
Hey Dchapa, welcome to the site. Did you read the "read first" section of before asking your question. I'd guess a "no" on that one. There's a reason your question is getting the response it is. You want to know how to do something that there is no good reason for doing. (IE clown shoe tires) Perhaps that should have been your first question. As for not being one of the "look cool" crowd, well,,,,, look at your bike!! The list of shit done to it just for looks is massive and the list of things done to improve it's actual handling and performance appears non existent. That's ok, it was built for that "cool" look that's been the trend. It will turn heads on campus. But if you got it for a decent rider you bought the wrong bike. Enjoy it for what it is, maybe tweak it a bit for a better safer ride or flog it and get a solid daily rider designed around the ride and not the curb appeal. Cheers, ride safe.
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Yes, don't do it unless you are totally retarded

... you could take one of the 2 fork springs out and go for a ride, that will give you an idea of what it is like to ride a CB350 with a completely bagged out front suspension, then you can put it back to normal afterwards :rolleyes: if you survive.
Is it the upcoming snow storm that's got ya so cheerful this mornin Trials? If I was in college I'd buy a bike that can ride two up comfortably. Guys got to get his priorities straight. Girls drinks education.
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And he's down in the banana belt south of seven.
I'm just south of 7 too, and further east. Now north of 7, that's just crazy. I wuz gonna move there but my eyes weren't to close together and I wasn't related to my wife by anything but marriage. Kinda stuck out in a crowd havin all my teeth and all. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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