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Question about cb350 front end

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Hey guys, so I'm new to the forum and new to motorcycles so please don't make fun of me for asking stupid questions haha!

So I've recently picked up a 1973 Honda CB350. One of the things I have been wondering is regarding the front end.
So this is what my bike currently looks like:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Here is the front end style that I am going for:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Automotive tire

I was wondering what was done in order to make that front wheel closer to the frame? Was it an entirely new front end, or just a bigger rim/tire, or is it a simple adjustment to the stock forks?
Again, sorry if what I'm asking seems obvious, like I said, I'm new to bikes. I grew up on old trucks. Thank you everyone in advance for the help.
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Good Lord "Here is the front end style that I am going for:" You are going for non-functional :confused: who in their right mind would want to do that!
... lol now I gotta go back and read the rest of this thread.
I understand all of that. I am intending on using better tires and making sure to have a solid suspension on there. I would like to note that I am not riding this bike up and down the freeway or anything like that. I am in school and about to start college, so for now it will simply be to ride up the road to my school. After that, I will likely sell it. This bike was intended more so to get some experience with bikes, and then sell it in the future.

Also, I am still not 100% sure I will even do this to the bike for the exact reasons you mentioned. I am simply wondering how it is done.
K, now I'm starting to get it, you are anxious to experience what it is like to grind metal parts when you go around corners and you have no intention of keeping the thing once you butcher it, you are going to flog it off on some poor sod who will probably die riding it.
does anybody just have an answer to my question? haha!
Yes, don't do it unless you are totally retarded

... you could take one of the 2 fork springs out and go for a ride, that will give you an idea of what it is like to ride a CB350 with a completely bagged out front suspension, then you can put it back to normal afterwards :rolleyes: if you survive.
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:mad: it's only 10 below freezing and snowing here at the moment. My tractor is frozen up solid and I had to move my MV Agusta into the freezing cold garage yesterday. :) but I'm feeling better now that I had my breakfast. Apologies to the OP if I pissed on his parade.

... at least now he knows we take this motorcycle thing pretty serious.
I got another suggestion :D connect a ratchet strap from down near the axle to somewhere up near the handlebars and crank it up until the suspension is almost completely compressed. Then do the same on the rear suspension, connect one end of a ratchet strap to the swingarm, loop it over the frame top rails and back down to the other side of the swingarm and crank that up. Dude, that will totally make it slammed and you don't even have to take anything apart. Leave it like that for a couple of years and you can probably even remove the ratchet straps and it will stay low.
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