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Question about cb350 front end

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Hey guys, so I'm new to the forum and new to motorcycles so please don't make fun of me for asking stupid questions haha!

So I've recently picked up a 1973 Honda CB350. One of the things I have been wondering is regarding the front end.
So this is what my bike currently looks like:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Here is the front end style that I am going for:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Automotive tire

I was wondering what was done in order to make that front wheel closer to the frame? Was it an entirely new front end, or just a bigger rim/tire, or is it a simple adjustment to the stock forks?
Again, sorry if what I'm asking seems obvious, like I said, I'm new to bikes. I grew up on old trucks. Thank you everyone in advance for the help.
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He headed over to Honda Twins, he's looking for somewhere they'll tell him it's sensible. Question about cafe racer style cb350 front end
And the first comment was how doing that would "complete the look." He'll be happy over there.There's no need to tell him anymore how wrong it is. He posted at HT that he'd been here and told how stupid it was by 10 people and his first thought was to go somewhere else to get the validation he's seeking.
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