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Question for A.D. (Vespa racer)

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Quick intro - Black Triumph Bonneville w/ loud pipes and hangs out with Timothy from Upstate NYC. We both race with USCRA. Now for the question.

This is totally off topic on shit, but I park on the corner of Howard street for about 1-2 hrs - 4 times a week (Boxing gym). I see your store all the time, just havent stopped by yet. I got slammed with a tik for parking on the sidewalk for $115 bucks. I see you guys always have your scoots out there all the time, do you get shit for it?

I'm planning on saying, " Yo Honor, I was at the gym and parked on the street - but some turd came and picked my bike up and placed it on the sidewalk to get my parking space"?

Do you think it'll work?

Thanks, I'll pass by tomrrow if I dont hear from you.


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I'm not A.D., he's on vacation, but I'll speak on the issue since I work with him. If you've noticed we all park on the sidewalk, but we also all take our license plates off. If they can't find a plate or a VIN they really can't write you a ticket. As long as you could have legally been parked on the street at the time I would say your plan is worth a shot. You just have to be convincing with your story. Tell 'em it's an old bike with no steering lock and someone just rolled it up on the sidewalk for the spot. The meter maids will right you a ticket for anything, anywhere on the sidewalk if they can find some numbers to record.

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