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Question for Frank or Matt C.

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Hey guys,
I have to bore out the top half of a set of cases to accept larger cylinder
liners using a BP mill. My options are to try to somehow block up the case
so the openings for the liners are straight up and down....or I can clamp
the case down flat to the table and and angle the mill head to match the
angle of the holes in the case, and then suffer through re-tramming the
I don't have any decent sine plate or big angle vise that would work.
What do you guys think would be the best way to go?
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Well it was a good call anyway. That's just what they recommended when I talked to them elsewhere.

I've done a test on a spare set of cases and it seems to work well. Heck the case is hard to clamp down even flat on the table...would have been a nightmare trying to clamp it at 30 degrees.

The turret needed to be re-trammed anyway :)
Yeah it seemed to work pretty well. Was hard to center the spindle in the existing bore because of it's kind of irregular shape but probably got it within .005. I'm leaving about .010 clearance for the sides of the liner so the jugs should fit on nice. It doesn't appear that OEM liners get much support from the case bores anyway.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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