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"it's not great to leave sitting around in carbs either."

I'm glad you mentioned that, I'd completely forgotten that I had to clean up my Carb after letting that stuff stay in there over the winter, even with stabilizer mixed in.
I've been using VP Red for flattrack and Supermotard. Honestly couldn't tell much difference in any of my 4 strokes, made a noticable difference in the YZ125 though! I started using VP instead of AvGas, because I was told I wouldn't get a proper plug reading with AvGas, plus it is readily available at most speed shops.

"I don't think my engines make the compression necessary to really REQUIRE race octane fuels."

Have you asked anyone at VP Tech Support? In general, I've found these people to be very helpful. I've also had good luck talking to the folks at Torco about their oil products.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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