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OK, I am too damn FAT! I bought these on egay and just got them. They are AGV one piece racing leathers, Blue and White. New they are about $500. No abrasions, rips or tears but the white is a little dirty. The indicated size is US 48 but I usually wear a 46 Jacket (215Lbs) and these are smaller. I figure these would fit someone 5 10 or taller, 36 or smaller waist and 44 jacket. I have a long body and these are really tight in the crotch. I would be happy to give any measurements. I have $160 into them and will sell for the same, and I'll eat the shipping (according to these, I shouldn't be eating anything!).

These leathers would be great for the uscra racing school! Here is the ebay item number. There are a couple photos there. NOTE, I am not selling them on ebay, this is the listing I bought them from.

I am leaving for a month volunteering in Mexico Feb 24, so act fast!

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