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passing the same people, hahaha

monday was a pretty good day for me. getting consistently faster in corners but get passed on the front stretch too often. oh, and I didn't crash. I didn't see the sidecar crash either but heard it was a wild one. I did see John crash though. there was contact in the chute just before the chicane. from my angle it looked like Will and John bumped but they were all going to make it in. then I saw John off in the grass trying to hold it upright and then do a pretty sharp looking endo. got a little nervous when he didn't move for a good 30 seconds but he started to move and got up before the corner workers got there. glad to hear he's doing ok. Tony and MikeO's battle in masters was a good one, quite a few back and forth passes. Aaron is making some speed down the straight on the BSA and pulling some good lap times. with a tuned b50 he'll be fighting for top three in 500gp next season for sure. yeah my folks rode their harley from ny, then on the way home they stopped and bought my mom a Rebel 250. scary, she's never ridden a motorcycle before but she's pumped. never thought in their 50's they'd start riding. I think this winter I'm actually going to do some work on the racebike. it needs some motor work. sick of everyone telling me how much my bike smokes. well, thats it, no more racing for me til spring. have fun at summit if you're going
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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