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Race Schudule for 03 what a JOKE

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What the heck is wrong with our racing club? I don't feel we are liked much at NHIS. It looks like we will be able to race only 3 times at the home track, that SUCKS and Im sure alot of us dont want to travel 400-500 miles to race a couple of races and waste a crap load of time driving. The 2 Canadian events are cool and but where else are the going to find good events for us? I dont think the Club Representives are trying hard enough to get us more race dates. The track day events are getting out of hand,and are using up our time because they beat the USCRA Club out of track time because of MONEY..
IM PISSED, 3 events what a joke.
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You got good points Joe, Im just pissed at the fact that pretty soon if something isnt done the USCRA will be know more and thats going to be a shame. There are some real good people here and awsome history too.
I heard you were lookig for a V4 honda tachometer, I may have one for you , what year and bike?
Joe, How are you going to wire up that tach to your 350?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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