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Race Schudule for 03 what a JOKE

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What the heck is wrong with our racing club? I don't feel we are liked much at NHIS. It looks like we will be able to race only 3 times at the home track, that SUCKS and Im sure alot of us dont want to travel 400-500 miles to race a couple of races and waste a crap load of time driving. The 2 Canadian events are cool and but where else are the going to find good events for us? I dont think the Club Representives are trying hard enough to get us more race dates. The track day events are getting out of hand,and are using up our time because they beat the USCRA Club out of track time because of MONEY..
IM PISSED, 3 events what a joke.
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Hey Joe - and others,
It all comes down to money.
We lost Memorial Day race because a Car club put up something like $22K to rent NHIS for 4 days.
NHIS is a business, and like all businesses, they want to make money (granted they probably make enough in the 2 NASCAR races to make all the payments for the year....)but Ted would probably lose his job if he told the car club no.
Track days usually are during the week, not on weekends.
You also have to remember that USCRA is not a "club" like ARHMA or WERA with a board of directors, etc.
It is owned by Bob Coy.
No one else has a say in the matter at all about renting other facilities or spending the money. Yes we can make our voices heard, but it all comes down to Bob. (and starting another race club is not a good idea...)
As far as owing a track goes - I think that it is a very good idea, and the issues that the naysayers keep mentioning can be overcome, it really comes down to finding the guy with the deep pockets to finance the thing (or having a lot of folks chip in just a few dollars). I think that Johnny B and Dugie have the right idea and attitude about the whole thing, and people just keep shooting them down.
Keep the faith and hang in there, we will find someplace to ride these things....even if they aren't 1/2 hour from where I live...

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most of our races are now going to be monday races at the track. yeah, ok, fine, its a money thing, and im sure other people were displaced too, but in my business there is a thing called customer loyalty. the better i treat my customers, the better they will treat me.
I agree with you here Joe, but I don't think that there is anything that we can do about it.
id imagine (hope) there were some other options discussed since weve been return business year after year after....
I was there when Ted came up to Bob C at Frontierland and told him that the track was taken for Memorial Day, there was no disicussion, Ted told Bob that the track had been rented. Bob wasn't too happy about it, but there was nothing that he could do about it.
those guys will probably hate the track anyway. doesnt pretty much everyone hate the road course??
Only the Nascar people :)
i think most of the new england guys really need to get out and do a little more racing around.
I hope to do some of that this season (well at least once anyways)although i think we have the best club of all of them. the least serious bitching and the most friendly. at least from what ive seen. we seem to have the most fun.
I agree with you here Joe, you are preaching to the choir...
there are some great tracks out there. alot better than what nhis is offering.
And more $$$$$$

76 GL 1000
72 CB350 Racer
84 RZ 350
(and a few more)
you can go race with wera and ahrma for about the same $$$,

I'll bet that Charlie Cole would disagree with that statement, but I could be wrong

if its too far is an excuse, its a lame one.

The only reason I'm not travelling to other tracks right now is time and money, hopefully once I finish school that will not be a reason anymore

my only point to chuck was that, yeah, it kinda sucks, especially for the locals who really enjoy the track,

The only part that sucks about it to me is fewer races...there have not been any to take the place of the ones that are gone....

since ive been racing and watching the uscra races, memorial weekend has been the uscras. thats been a total of about 7 years. i would have thought that some common sence would have been used. it would have been nice if he thought for a minute before going after the cash. that kind of stuff makes me want to kill.

Unfortunatly, Ted has to answer to the owners. If Ted gave us the weekend, then the owners found out that he had passed up the $$$, he probably would be fired....then we would really be up the creek, because the noise issues would kill us at NHIS forever.....

there are some other really great tracks out there and the uscra/nhis isnt the only fish in the sea.
True, but a very friendly fish.

i wish i had a track with in 15 mins of my home like you.

More like 1/2 hour .... <LOL>

there are alot of very very fast guys that run with other clubs. more on par with turk or smolinski or courts.

Yeah, but for those of use who can't run with them, we are in really deep in the other race clubs....

once you have the bike built, and got the license, the hard part is done.

Nahhhh, then you have to get really scary fast on it....
Our bikes are no slower than the one that Zach C runs, and the one that new kid that comes with Frank and Cathy Smith runs, the difference is the rider, so we need to go faster....

ever since i started racing ive been dying to get to another venue.

So what are you waiting for...

id say for most people involved, it the friends and comradirie of the event more than it's the actual track time.
i think the banquet is a perfect example of that.
Exactly, the friendships that are there in the USCRA are not always there in other clubs. At least no one purposely tries to (and sometimes succeeds) to take you out of a race/championship be coming across your front end in a high speed corner just because he thinks he has the line and you don't..

and turn 9 is just scary if you get wide enuogh to nearly go off. ever see whats down there??
Yep, a wall and lots of gravel.....

and i think the nascar people probably love the roadcourse, how the hell else would they get thier gynormous rvs up onto the top of that hill??!!

true, I just wish they wouldn't park on it...

76 GL 1000
72 CB350 Racer
84 RZ 350
(and a few more)
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