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race update.

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2nd in 250gp. trophied. 5th in 350gp. dnf'd vintage 2. which is like our lwsv. my bike wasnt running well for some unknown reason. but there were about 5 dnf's in 350gp. i have lots of pics. i'll get them posted tomorrow. aaron did well. he and tex had a great battle in the 250gp race. they ran it with 500 gp and tex bumped to 500. tex had been over bugging aaron and us about letting him win and telling aaron not to pass him too soon etc...the usual psyche job. his cb350 has been running like crap for a while now. (until i got to it and got it running for him) poor jet o ring was flooding one jug. aaron got a pretty good start and i think tex was in the 2nd wave. tex knocked 4secs of his final lap to catch aaron, and just got him about 100' before the finish line to beat him. aaron was none too pleased. especially after they meatballed someone for a huge jumped start and aaron decided the race was over on the 2nd lap. fortunately he was waved on and lost very little time. it was prettty fun to watch.

so heres the uscra away team rundown

courts trophied in 500 gp with a second behind roper i think.
also had a few other top 5 finishes i believe. i think he ran about 4 races.

d'angelo did great. was really fast all day. i think he got a 2nd and trophied as well.

turk did well and i believe also trophied.

everyone came back unscathed and even the bsa is still alive. finished a race and didnt grenade!! we had a kick ass time and i cant wait to get out and run with you jeremy this year. tex is also out for me now too. he said since his bike is running good, hes after me!!!

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i know aaron was number 17 on the grid. i know there were alot of bikes in 350gp. it might have been 30 or so. does that sound right aaron?? i think about 5 dropped out. aaron, anytime you want to ride my bike its cool. im going to rebuild the carbs i think and check the plate the pickups set on for the iggy. it could be loose. i'll take it for a high speed run through the hood here though and check it out. i hope the problems you encountered were you and not something serious with the bike. its kind of weird that with the 9v battery it ran the same as with the 12v. we were looking at those plugs though and the voltage could have affected the combustion too. so we were really looking at too many things i think that could have had too many different affects from other things. know what im saying??? anyway, anytime i can help out and anytime and anytime you want to ride my bike, no problem. what did you think of those pics?? you look like youre on an rc51 on my bike. laying on the tank like that.

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i was talking about 350gp. but yeah, kelleher is way too fast. i have pics of him in t1 and it is just insane how far over he gets and how fast he goes. you definitely put in a great race though. i dont think the bsa would ever have a chance of cathing chris though. and i think when marshall gets his up and running again, you'll be in trouble again too.

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