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racing injury tips: #1

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alchohol will negate the pain from a cracked rib at day #6. however, a broken clavical still requires narcotics...or when drinking, a fairly high tolerance for pain if one is prone to ineffecient motion.

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Do you have a scanner? If so, scan the x-ray and post them.

My wife is an x-ray tech and loves to see great x-rays of cool breaks.
Last time I woke up from a general, the nurse was trying to wake me up by flicking my eyelashes, which was very annoying, so I told her to fuck off and went back to sleep.
BTW guys... my wife says thanks. In her words, "those are awesome!"

Then she started telling me about a shattered knee she x-rayed last night, I got all squeamish and had to stop her.

Heal quickly, y'all. Take your vitamins and calcium supliments.
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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