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racing injury tips: #1

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alchohol will negate the pain from a cracked rib at day #6. however, a broken clavical still requires narcotics...or when drinking, a fairly high tolerance for pain if one is prone to ineffecient motion.

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That a pretty long Haiku for you Tim.
More like a Confucius Koan.
It must be the meds
meandering like the too high grasses
growing up in the summer sun
while the gardener is away.
Once the motor has started
all will be whipped
along with verse
cut again
to its proper pace.
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Dude that Clavacle looks more like Chipwood than a bone
Bones do Yen to reattach themselves but they will seem to have to traverse quite a distance to re-knit together
Glad you have confidence in your doctor and that you have good range of motion
I cant even imagine still gardening
Good thing they gave you the good stuff
and that you are generally unstoppable.

thats quite the hardware store you got going in there
you will always have spares for your bike
Glad you went for the repair job
now you can get out there faster.
Dont try and be a hero and drive your self home or anything
let us know how it goes

I am still laughing from that post about the nurse flicking your eyelashes
freakin hilarious.
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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