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racing injury tips: #1

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alchohol will negate the pain from a cracked rib at day #6. however, a broken clavical still requires narcotics...or when drinking, a fairly high tolerance for pain if one is prone to ineffecient motion.

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didn't troy ballis have his cut off so he could race the next round?
p.s. when you're off the strong stuff and the doc.s tell you to take ibubrofen, lay off the booze or your liver will end up like that of an eighty year old alcoholic. or skip the ibuprofen. it's over-rated anyway.
p.p.s i (we, if i may be so bold) feel your pain. hoping you feel better real quick. please keep us posted on your progress.
johnny's bike works great when it's pinned
p.s. sneezes are way worse than hiccups.
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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