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racing injury tips: #1

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alchohol will negate the pain from a cracked rib at day #6. however, a broken clavical still requires narcotics...or when drinking, a fairly high tolerance for pain if one is prone to ineffecient motion.

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I remember my doctor teling my that I should quit smoking cause I would heal faster...fat chance. But hopefully it's mending properly. I cracked my ribs last thanksgiving and I would say that was more annoying that the clavical. Couldn't get the full rotisserie experience when sleeping and every cough, sneeze and laugh was mild agony. Why am I being a Debbie Downer?

Anyway, I feel your pain. Hope you can lick it soon. Hell, if you are working next weekend let me know and I'll come up and pull weeds for you or something. Actually sounds fun.

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