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racing injury tips: #1

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alchohol will negate the pain from a cracked rib at day #6. however, a broken clavical still requires narcotics...or when drinking, a fairly high tolerance for pain if one is prone to ineffecient motion.

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tt- in this case less is better...I'd gladly give up some hardware for some more mobility...but it is what it is, and hey I get the bbc, can predict the weather and can ask my date, 'wanna see my scar(s)'........good luck on thurs..this won't hurt a bit.

-bfd, nah, just messing with your head, anyway I moved them. still can't turn..

the plate/pin deal is the best. ive read the gp guys can be back up and going in just weeks. (obviously they have no shortage of cash or rehab. plus when youre paying a bizzillion bucks your guys ass better be out there) sorry to hear it, but itll help speed things up. i think its pretty obvious they were going to have to do something. that looks pretty fucked up. plus they cant leave the chips in there or it causes problems.

Seriously...good for you dude. I've seen way to many people leaving with bullshit for the rest of their lives because of a simple collar bone break. The surgery will be cake...and go easy for a while after surgery if don't want any of the screws backing out or they will have to go in early and mess with them again.

With the plate you'll be good as new...probably better. If you've never been under General Anasthesia (sp)'ll find coming out of that to be a bit interesting. I've done it about five times now....sometimes you throw up....sometimes you wake up laughing...sometimes crying for no reason. When they tell you not to eat anything for a while....listen to them.

Sounds like you have some decent health care insurance.
Last time I woke up from a general, the nurse was trying to wake me up by flicking my eyelashes, which was very annoying, so I told her to fuck off and went back to sleep.
TT, we're pullin for ya. Heal up. Let us know what coming out of general anasthesia is like. That's quite a break.
TT, we're pullin for ya. Heal up. Let us know what coming out of general anasthesia is like. That's quite a break.
WANKERS don't need anasthesia...! Just kiddin' timmy, get well and good dreams of motogp racin' while you are under.

Ask not what the wanker can do for you, but what you can do for your wanker!
Glad you went for the repair job
now you can get out there faster.
Dont try and be a hero and drive your self home or anything
let us know how it goes

I am still laughing from that post about the nurse flicking your eyelashes
freakin hilarious.
jen and pete et. all-

thanks so much. the surgery went well. about 1.75 hours and the doctor was happy. i was home by early afternoon and haven't felt really bad yet. there's some tenderness around the appx 6-8" incision, especially where it comes in to the neck, but i'm happy with the results so far, and feel much better for the future knowing everthing has been realigned. i'm home alone all day today, so i'll make some calls and see how you guys are doing.

8 inch scar....wooohoooo, pictures, pictures..........good to hear it all went well, take it easy, take a can be an old guy for a few days...

great to hear. yeah, i think the results will be the payoff. keep us posted. youll be back at it in no time.

Tim: I heard the cell phone ring this morning as I was running around getting the kids ready for day-care, call me the modern dad. I will try to call you later. Sit out on the back deck and relax....

Ask not what the wanker can do for you, but what you can do for your wanker!

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i'm just off the phone with my doctor. so i got a "big" stainless steel plate, 6 big screws and two little screws. seems there were a lot more fragments than were visible in the x-ray. they're all back in place now and looking good. the most intese (but not crazy) pain is in and around my neck where the big piece of bone had to be pulled back down a couple of inches into it's proper place. the cool thing is that the ribs feel tons better now that nothing is askew. there's a chance that in a year or so, the plate will need to come out due to it's size and proximity to the i may not have to stay on the homeland security watch list for very long.

thanks again guys. i'm still mostly just anxious to get out on the FCB grid with a good bike and give chase to the points leader.

Tim, good to hear it went well. I think you're better off. I had my 1-week evaluation yesterday and the doc said "leave it" for another 2 weeks even though it hasn't healed much. It'll be interesting to compare healing times. I sorta think I'd be better off with an operation, but I'm not an Orthopedic Specialist...
how do you type that well with one hand?

BTW guys... my wife says thanks. In her words, "those are awesome!"

Then she started telling me about a shattered knee she x-rayed last night, I got all squeamish and had to stop her.

Heal quickly, y'all. Take your vitamins and calcium supliments.
>>>i won't get as much hardware as dale, but yes, jb is right again. screws and plates go in thursday.

you've got me beat bro...8 screws and a plate, I've only got 7 and a plate in the ankle...

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