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I am looking for a good used set of 1 piece racing leathers. They don't need to look new, actually some "patina" would be good so I don't look so raw. Seems like I would need a 48 or 50. I am 5'8, 215 or so with a 46 chest, 37 waist and 30 inseam. I would want to buy with the understanding I could send them back if they didn't fit.

A back protector and gloves are also on my list. I just bought a new pair of Alpinestar boots so that used up a bunch of the budget.

I am waiting on the final word from USCRA before I get a helmet.


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vanson sells used leathers. my vanson has a back protector in the suit.

i love my gp alpine star gloves too.

good luck.


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