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Racing Schedule

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Does anyone know what the racing schedule looks like for this weekend?
IE...What classes race on Saturday and Sunday? times?
Joe C, you normally have all the answers. Cna you help me out?
Thank you.
johnny b.

Johnny Boudreau - Racer
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gpchamp knows as much as i do. you should show up for friday anyway. you pay for the day so you might as well show up and ride. i'll be there thursday night if things go well.

see you all there
yeah, i saw aaron waving a dead chicken over your bike and wearing garlic around his neck at the june race. when i asked him what he was doing he only said he was looking for the potluck. i dunno man.

joe c
yeah i guess youre right about that. mikey said youp came by last night. get the ex from him?? i miss hangin out in mikeys studio. i used to spend hours hangin out in there. hes always got something going on. my right hands twitching if you know what i mean...dude, how many nights are you going to feed us. you gotta tell me or im bringing my own food.

gotta go

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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