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To try and improve my lap times I sit with my eyes closed with a stop watch and run a lap through my mind. Remember to extract all the divets in the track,that one little something that you zone in on when you turn it in, brake markers, apexs, etc. Try it some time, you will be amazed at how close you are to a lap on the bike.

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I just turned 46 last Saturday and yea I don't feel it at all. My favorite part of NHIS is from t3 to t10. From the entrance to 6(after watching roper i get on the throttle before the apex now) to the exit of 9 I just got it dialed in. I've picked off many a riders in that section.My least favorite is t11 to the exit of 12. When I was dialed in I had lap times in the 31-33 range. Best ever was a 29!!
Guess I'm still a young'n here... cool...
I like 11, but 12 is too tight. Difficult to make a clean pass there unless you have a ton more speed than the other rider.

Love that puddle that forms in 11, right in the braking zone...
In my helmet I'm thinking "what can I learn from this" The good guys have a much bigger gyroscope than I have.
-maybe a big pair of them
its all about having fun. The key to having fun is to get your comfort level up. Get the bike to handle well, get the brakes to work, get the engine to be reliable, don't race a bmw, get a decent set of tires...

Get the bike set up so its not that much of the equation anymore. Then the rest is up to you. When you're on a well prepped bike, you can be confident that if you try something new the bike won't fail you.

My bike is ugly as hell, but very functional. I'm suprised with some of the crap that shows up to a USCRA event that people expect to race and do well on.

Branson is a good example. He has a very well prepped bike which allows him to experiment, to push himself.
shame on all of you for not liking turns 11 and 12. that's the last gauntlet before start finish...SO important. attack that shit!
I like the exit of 12. my rd is geared so that I'm not on the pipe going through there. I can roll on the gas before flopping over to the left, and by the time I hit the transition onto the oval, the power comes on....
try the dunlops first, you might not need the rest til next year!
too bad our only options for ordering them are either from Canada or some jerk down in Florida...

So, how much more expensive is it to order from Canada?
Wheres the woman with no shirt on doing the stoppie pic?

first image...
nope, but that is my girlfriend in the bottom of the page.
Honest. Just don't tell my wife.
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