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To try and improve my lap times I sit with my eyes closed with a stop watch and run a lap through my mind. Remember to extract all the divets in the track,that one little something that you zone in on when you turn it in, brake markers, apexs, etc. Try it some time, you will be amazed at how close you are to a lap on the bike.

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Turn 11-12 is still kicking my ass. I feel like I'm pulling into a parking space at the grocery store and I always get passed there.

I've learned a bunch by corner working. Watching and listening to the fast guys going through some of troublesome spots is great. Translateing isn't always so easy.

Quite a while ago I was approaching T3, already into the brake markers, when it got really loud. Roper and another guy went by on my left just as I started to turn in. It startled me a little so I must have changed my line a bit. Got back on the throttle just before the pavement change/bump when Greg Nichols goes by me on the inside on Petes Ducati. He was chasing Roper and probably picked the wrong side to pass the backmarker (me). The rear wheel on the Duc hopped as it skipped from the paint on the inside of the corner to the outside by the top at the flagpole, left leg flapping in the breeze. It straightened out and he turns back to look at me, gets a big shit eating grin and gives me a thumbs up!
In my helmet I'm thinking "what can I learn from this" The good guys have a much bigger gyroscope than I have.
-maybe a big pair of them
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its all about having fun. The key to having fun is to get your comfort level up. Get the bike to handle well, get the brakes to work, get the engine to be reliable, don't race a bmw, get a decent set of tires...

I think that one was for my benefit. Every time I take my BMW out on the track I am reminded of what an accomplished rider your dad is. He told me a long time ago it's a hard bike to ride fast.
The 175 I got together at the end of the season(with no small amount of help from JohnnyB) is a really fun bike to ride but reminded me of something an old music teacher told me- "if you can't play it slow you'll never be able to play it fast". It's not that the 175s are slow, as anyone can see, but that I'm going to have to focus on maintaining my corner speed and being smooth because there isn't as much behind the throttle to make up for my being sloppy.

now all I need is a set of Branson pistons, a cam, Dunlops
I know someone with a girlfriend in Quebec that he visits frequently. He'll bring back some tires if we like.

on the 175 I'd like to get rid of my battery and I've lost 10-15 pounds off of me- the cheapest way to freeing up horsepower.
I'd be happy to pitch in so you don't have to fund everything yourself.
Also- the set up for my 350 is still in the kitchen cabinet. Is there anything on it to use for a reference? I know the firing order is different between the two bikes
I'll take a look tonight for numbers and let you know tomorrow.
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