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Good evening everyone!

Your newest member is a Swedish gearhead, currently in the rally profession! Yes, it's true - I work with rally for a living. We run a store och workshop where we both sell motorsport parts and build rally cars. I could be worse off, definitely!

However, ever since I was a kid I've loved bikes. A year or so ago I happened to get my hands on an old Jawa 350 (634 Oilmaster, if anyone's wondering) that didn't run. I had never worked on bikes before, but the best way to learn is by doing. Had some massive issues getting it to run, which ended up being a short circuit on the ignition plate... The spark jumped to a mount screw. For someone with zero experience with ignition plates it took me way too many hours to figure out. I saw it first when I turned off all the lights and saw the spark acting all weird. Anyway, I actually made an almost complete restoration (with some modifications) since everything except the gearbox was broken. Leaking heads, busted shocks, seized brakes, seized carb (with one of the nozzles actually missing...?!), seized pistons, rotten cables, etc. But now it's running fine! And I feel like I have some basics down, even if old bikes are dead simple.

Anyway, since working on cars is "work" (even motorsport projects) I realized I find loads and loads more fun in building bikes. Which is what I'm going to do! Actually ran across your forum when researching monoshock linkage ( this thread, to be precise). Happy I did! Going to ask for help regarding my ideas, if it's even feasible or if I'm way off.

Anyway, glad to be here! Can tell I will spend many, many hours here. :)
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