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RD clutch actuator

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Need an RD clutch actuator. The stupid thing with threads onit that goes in the left cover. Mine was destroyed by a chain looking for a new home.A clutch pushrod would be nice to since I am asking.

email me at [email protected] if you can help.

Thanks, Chris Marshall

adios muchachos
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hey Nicky . . . the sr is ready to fire up tomorrow. Are you in on Monday or at home?
to make a long story short, it seized. I was probably over-revving on that long straight at VIR. And it was hot. and the Piston is ROUND. (Wiseco sucks) We added another .002 clearance. Was originally at .0025. Live and learn I think I am the first in history to seize a four stroke. rebuilt, with degreed in cam, (it was out 8 degrees . . . it was probably running way lean too)and flat slide 38mm. I started it on Saturday . . . awesome.

scott with DGY's Awesome trailer (he even left the girls on the walls)

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