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For sale: 1973 Yamaha RD350

2003 Formula 2 Championship bike

Legal for:
USCRA Middleweight SuperVintage, Forumla 1 & 2
WERA Vintage 3, Formula 500, Formula 2-Stroke
AHRMA (no idea. The link to their rulebook is broken)

Fastest RD350 I've seen/ridden.
Spec 2 stage four porting
Spec 2 expansion chambers
RZ350 reeds with Boyseen reeds
34mm Mikuni roundslide carbs
Pro-Flo magneto ignition. Works very well.
recent crank with slotted big end rods & roller bearings
Wiseco Banshee pistons
Heads milled for proper squish size
Pinned heads so they're always centered
New clutch
Excell rims front and rear with stronger spokes, 18x1.85" front 18x2.15" rear
Newish Dunlop KR825 front tire
Newish Dunlop KR124A rear tire
Front steel braided brake line
Steering damper
Works shocks, revalved forks with stronger springs set up for 180lbs rider

Multiple engine cases
Multiple transmissions and clutch baskets
spare heads
spare stage 2 ported cylinders
good spare crank with slotted rods & roller bearings
All the RD350 street parts your heart could desire

With the porting and large carbs, the bike doesn't need big jetting changes over the course of the day. Engine pulls from 6000rpms up to 11000rpms. Really starts to pull strong around 7000rpms.

Great bike, strong engine, handles well. I'm moving on to other bikes, and need to sell this one. It's not the prettiest bike, and doesn't have the best paint in the paddock. But who cares about that crap. This is a fast bike.

$2800 for the bike alone
$3500 for the bike with all the spares


(the rest as links for you low bandwidth people...)

Some of the spares:

I've won a few trophies with it...

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