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Ready to race CB350 frame

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Any interest in a CB350 frame ready to race?

All pressed, spot welded seams ground down half way to the spot weld, and then the seam welded up. Everything that's supposed to be removed has been removed.

Boxed in rear engine mount downtube. Boxed in upper rear frame rails. Additional bracing between upper shock mounts.

Tapered steering bearings. New bronze swingarm bushings.

SL350 swingarm. Additional shock mounts installed to allow CB length shocks. Bolt on swingarm mounts have been removed and replaced with a welded in plates. Grease fitting installed in swingarm pivot.

Basically everything you want to have done to a CB350 chassis has been done to this one. I'd like to get $250.

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Let's talk.

I'll send you an e-mail.

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