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"Real" CB350 Racers

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Here's a short article about when the pro's were running CB350 based race screw those purists that call them street bikes.

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His fly is halfway down cause the guy with the pretty hair just blew him so he could touch the beautiful motorcycle.
Yeah the meg is huge...looks like it might be a 2-1 also. Note the color of the meg exit...and nice light gray.

The FRONG brake is special in several ways...first the cable comes in from the FRONG direction and the link rod between the cam arms is in compression rather than tension. And you note the small scoop facing backwards (hidden somewhat behind the traffic cone) and you may note the unusual kink in the cable. Why all this FRONG stuff you might ask? I can tell you why. If they rotate the backing plate around the right way the link rod will not fit between the lower fork tubes. And you can't really put a kink in a link rod that's in compression or it will flex too much. So they rotated the whole plate around so the linkage was below the tubes.
See...even pro's do stuff half ass sometimes.
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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