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I have a set of Tazzaro rear sets. (this may not be the right name, I can't recall right now and don't have them in front of me but they do start with a T).

I am thinking about how to mount them and would like to hear some suggestions.

I have a kerker 4-1 pipe that covers the right rear passenger beg so that will not work.

I am going to have to have something fabricated or welded so I can mount them.

First of all, should I mount them where I think will be most comfortable for me? I am 6ft and it seems that they would feel better a little farther back and a little lower.

Second, Should I look to have someone weld a mounting system onto the bike or should I talk to a machine shop and see if they can manufacture a bolt on mount?

I am thinking bolt on would be better becasue I could always take it off.

Cost is an issue as well?

Also, If any of you have rear sets and would like to post some pictures I would be very appreciative.

p.s. it's -11 at my house today which reminds me that I still have time until the roads are ready to ride.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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