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Rear Sets

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I've been looking at the racing pics on this site and got to wondering "Why do all the bikes have rear sets mounted so high?" Now, if you're a midget, need ground clearance for fast cornering, or just not tall, those high mounted rearsets might be just the thing. I'm a 6'5" animal who would prefer not to pick his nose on his knees while riding, and so needs (read "wants") something other than regular foot controls. So, what's the answer to this dilemma?

Afterthought - Is Raask's reputation for breaking deserved? When do they break? I mean, under what conditions and are they consistent about it?

If the answer is obvious to YOU, don't laugh , I really want to know.

"Not yet racing" Stattz.
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jb, you know what they say about big feet? Guess little feet Joe C. will never know.... he..he...
Big feet = big socks.
yeah so anyways...

I like my rearsets high and set back a little. Makes it easier to put my knee on the ground.
Amen Unga, but you'll notice johnny doesn't have knee sliders. need to step into the 1980s johnny and get yourself some teflon for those lanky-ass legs.
Those leathers were from a cow that died the same year that bike was made....
well I can't grow a full beard or pass that many people but darn it I feel good about ME.
Yeah, Maine is a nice state.
You mean Unga Wunga? Which bone is it that he's got in his bio pic. I'm guessing clavicle...
humerus, but not funny.

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1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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