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Rear Sets

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I've been looking at the racing pics on this site and got to wondering "Why do all the bikes have rear sets mounted so high?" Now, if you're a midget, need ground clearance for fast cornering, or just not tall, those high mounted rearsets might be just the thing. I'm a 6'5" animal who would prefer not to pick his nose on his knees while riding, and so needs (read "wants") something other than regular foot controls. So, what's the answer to this dilemma?

Afterthought - Is Raask's reputation for breaking deserved? When do they break? I mean, under what conditions and are they consistent about it?

If the answer is obvious to YOU, don't laugh , I really want to know.

"Not yet racing" Stattz.
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the problem with the casting process is that is not a process designed for strength and can create parts with a wide varation of strengths. it is also an easy process to get contamination in which can further weaken a part.

I think a lot of it depends on the bike. I have owned about three sets of raask rearsets in my life. 1 got sold with a bike I had before it broke, but they were on there for a couple of months, that was a honda. The set I had on my kawasaki triple broke, but they were solid mounted and the vibration of a two stroke overcame them. Lost of guys with triples report this as being a problem. Stupidly I bought another set for my h1 but this time I am going to rubber mount them. The third set I had on a different honda, but they were used and the brake pedal broke right away (when I stepped on the pedal). replaced them with another pedal and have been fine since.

The older raask pieces are russian roulette (6+ years or older, basically any from the 1990s), the newer stuff is a little better. You will probably be alright on them. I think the older ones over time tend to get more brittle.

Personally I like to make and modify stuff which is why I always go for factory made parts off sport bikes and adapt them to work on my bikes. it is stronger and really not that hard to do if you have some skills. for the price of a set of raasks that just bolt on and go, I can build a set using junkyard parts that look just as cool and feel a little more durable.

at 6'5" you are the same height as me. On old hondas I find the rear passenger peg location idea for a rearset location. cafe racers are solo bikes anyway so ditch the apssenger pegs and put some rearsets on there.
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big feet = extra smelly shoes
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