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Rear Sets

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I've been looking at the racing pics on this site and got to wondering "Why do all the bikes have rear sets mounted so high?" Now, if you're a midget, need ground clearance for fast cornering, or just not tall, those high mounted rearsets might be just the thing. I'm a 6'5" animal who would prefer not to pick his nose on his knees while riding, and so needs (read "wants") something other than regular foot controls. So, what's the answer to this dilemma?

Afterthought - Is Raask's reputation for breaking deserved? When do they break? I mean, under what conditions and are they consistent about it?

If the answer is obvious to YOU, don't laugh , I really want to know.

"Not yet racing" Stattz.
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ive used them for a bunch of years for racing. i think they have that stigma attached to them. yeah, theyre pot metal crap, cast and not the nicest looking stuff, but they do work. mine fold also, ive crashed, well, once or twice i have, and ive never broken one. actually, ive crashed alot on mine. i did manage to actally have one smash up and had the shifter linkage on the shift rod break and the linkage wrapped itself around the peg. but ive had pretty good luck with them. the nice thing is, alot of people have boxes of parts for them, and when they move on to better setups, they want to just give them away. so i have piles of misc modded, bent, welded, and various other abortions that people have given me. as well as alot of good spares. so thats one plus. and oh yeah, i bought mine from todd henning.
the problem with jbs picture isnt that his sets arent high enough, its thats his fucking ski like feet arn't in the right spot. if you had your toes on the pegs, instead of your heels, youd probably save a few bucks in boots. you god damned yetti! i used to drag my toes around everywhere. took 2 pairs of boots and about 4 race weekends before that problem was solved. and i hate seeing peoples toes sticking out. just looks wrong.

what, out in a field someplace killing thier dinner with their bare hands. then john thought to himself, 'man, i bet if i could get her on a bike.....'

the rest is history.

whats the excuse for the brake side? let me guess, you were using the rear to settle the suspension in mid corner jeeze, i should have known by the forks being compressed.

hey, the fonz wore brown leathers. so they gotta be cool right?

dont blame me, its the beer talking.

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i know. with all those pictures of himself and all. he probably has that one of him in front of roper in his wallet.

i was refering to your rear brake, not your front brake. thats why i asked what the excuse was for the other foot. you fartbag.

actually, if anyone has ever seen jb, and his 175, there really isnt alot of room left for anything once hes on it. except his massive ego.

and didnt you crash durring that race??

ok, so yeah, now youre better than roper. is that what you wanted to hear?? he still dresses better than you.

champ, i didnt realize you were your biggest fan. thats pretty funny.

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