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Rear Sets

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I've been looking at the racing pics on this site and got to wondering "Why do all the bikes have rear sets mounted so high?" Now, if you're a midget, need ground clearance for fast cornering, or just not tall, those high mounted rearsets might be just the thing. I'm a 6'5" animal who would prefer not to pick his nose on his knees while riding, and so needs (read "wants") something other than regular foot controls. So, what's the answer to this dilemma?

Afterthought - Is Raask's reputation for breaking deserved? When do they break? I mean, under what conditions and are they consistent about it?

If the answer is obvious to YOU, don't laugh , I really want to know.

"Not yet racing" Stattz.
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i know. with all those pictures of himself and all. he probably has that one of him in front of roper in his wallet.

i was refering to your rear brake, not your front brake. thats why i asked what the excuse was for the other foot. you fartbag.

actually, if anyone has ever seen jb, and his 175, there really isnt alot of room left for anything once hes on it. except his massive ego.

and didnt you crash durring that race??

ok, so yeah, now youre better than roper. is that what you wanted to hear?? he still dresses better than you.

champ, i didnt realize you were your biggest fan. thats pretty funny.

S'aright johnny. It's supposed to be a discussion, and because it works for me doesn't mean it will work for you. It's not advice just because I go faster around the track, and it certainly shouldn't be advice from someone who goes slower.
Sucks that you have to lash out like that to get your point across. Seems like people could be more modest and know their role, but I guess that utopian. Now you're ego is too big...that's what you get. It's lonely at the top.

Zack...dude...don't go all Metro on me. I remember when you all about mind games baby! What happened?? Where's the man juice?
Yes you are a pretty man....but don't go overboard!!
Those college professors are stealing your balls man....don't let it happen! Eye of the Tiger baby!! Don't lose it.

Joe, thanks...I appreciate the fact that you realize I'm better than Roper will ever hope to be. And some day...when I have the fame and respect he has...I'll be able to dress as nice, and frequent the fine hair salons he does.

Only $20 a year for you guys to join my fan club.....join now while slots are still open. They are filling up fast with hot 19 year old babes that want to do me, and pro racers than want my advice!!

alskee....thanks bro...I know if the shit hits the fan you'll gut these guys like a fish.


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$20.00..... on its way!!!

Can I have a tshirt(like bravo wear) and a sticker? Or is that extra?

Hey Aaron,

Don't you think JB's name should be "I'm my biggest fan" ?

Just to be clear, I'm no the one who posts the subtitles for the usernames. Where Johnny is so tall and has huge milk smugglers, I think his name will probably stay the same.

yup, i'm up. jesus, it must be winter, and no racing, cause we're all back to discussing underwear and what Johnny's doing.

Johnny, email coming offline to yo tomorrow.

Paced_Haste, where you at and what you doin these days? Are you showing up at NHIS this summer?

PS. Go back and look at JB's eyes in the first photo. He looks like he's scared . . . . .

bwahaha it's just the beer (wine)

Hey Matt . . . . . Our thoughts are with ya. Been there twice with other family members, hang in there, we wanna see BOTH of you at the summer races, and the kid . . .

sincerely, scott
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I tried to grow a beard a month or so ago...didn't work out as planed...had to go...along with it went my moustache...after 25 years I don't miss it a bit.

Scott...I was scared.....scared of how freakin fast I was about to pass the guy in front of me....I think his name was Kenny Roberts.


PS. You're hot with a a pic

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well I can't grow a full beard or pass that many people but darn it I feel good about ME.
well I can't grow a full beard or pass that many people but darn it I feel good about ME.
Yeah, Maine is a nice state.
Hehehe...damn that Rob is mind and body :)


Edited by - jbranson on Dec 05 2005 6:12:37 PM
You mean Unga Wunga? Which bone is it that he's got in his bio pic. I'm guessing clavicle...

You mean Unga Wunga? Which bone is it that he's got in his bio pic. I'm guessing clavicle...
humerus, but not funny.

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MY dad was the one who broke it. that's my claim to fame.

wow. humerous.
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