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First I need to say that this was not my idea. Also I stole the pictures too!
Credit where credit is due.

Well I have always just replaced old plastic bits that get fade from time. Personally I have never run into a time when I couldn’t just find a new replacement, but I freely admit I don’t do concourse restorations.

So the basic idea is that with hydrogen peroxide and some sun light one can restore old plastics to new. I have yet to do this myself, but will be shortly. Will update with results and if there are any changes that can be done. So far I have seen that hair gel type stuff works really well. I assume that it sticks to the parts better. Seems to be cheap and easy to get.

So you take your used and ugly parts and place them in a bag with the cream.

Then just place the bag outside in the sun!


How cool is that? And all for 5 bucks!

I assume that this only restores color and will not help something that is cracking or brittle.

Anyone ever do something like this?

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