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Yo everybody, I haven't seen any results from last weekend's racing. Did everybody crash or what?
Since you asked, I'll tell you how we did. I got a 4th in the senior "B" division, which would be ok 'cept there were only 5 bikes in that class, so I sucked. My only excuse is thatI was up against 4 CRF450s, which are starting to get pretty competitive with my 'ol 79 XT500.
My son Scott ran in the Vintage class, got 3rd overall, first in class, which was pretty cool beating a couple experts on 750 twins.

We went to Syracuse on Saturday to watch Jay Springsteen and Co run the Mile. It was awesome. You just can't believe how these guys can throw an XR750 into the turns at 130+, especially when you go walk the track after the race and see what they're looking at. The "groove" is about 3 feet wide, packed and pitted, really rough. Probably looks like about 6 inches wide going in at that speed.
A couple mile rookies got caught up in the draft, came into turn 3 about 10mph too hot, wound up in the airfence before they could say "shit!" But they both walked away. Carr, King, Springer top three, with the next three young guns from the east, Mees, Coolbeth and Jake Johnson on the factory Suzuki DL100.

Good weekend.

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