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Here are a few photos from the 1st annual Retro Rocket Rally held in Nampa/Boise, Idaho this past weekend. The weather was good, the turn out was great, and the 100 mile ride through the countryside along lakes and rivers was beautiful.
The field of 56 bikes at the "show" included a handfull of new Triumphs, some nice older British, a BMW Cafe, and a good variety of Japanese machines. You don't see a CB450 Black Bomber very often, and we had two show up. One was nicely restored and the other was a very clean original in amazing condition. Even the owners were surprised as they had each thought they would have the only Bomber there.
In my opinion the coolest bike was a 1949 Ariel Square 4 (Squariel) bobber. That's 1000cc's of British goodness for you newbies. The bike was originally built in 1961 by the current owner's father. The son recently rebuilt/restored it in time for this weekend's rally. The guy didn't hesitate to take it on the 100 mile afternoon ride where it looked, sounded and ran perfect.
Good times.[email protected]/sets/72157605908653649
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