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i have a little bit of a moral dilemma with my bike. it was my dads and it has tons of sentimental value, moreso for him than for me even. it's also in really nice all original shape. it's bone stock. while it's not bad looking, i really prefer the cafe look, but i don't want to go hacking away at my bike.

so the question is, what can i do that's going to be easily reversed back to stock? or would i be better off just keeping it as is and trying to pick up something else to go all out on customising?

one thing i would definitely like to do though is lower it a bit. I have really short legs and i'd like to be a little closer to the ground as it's a pretty heavy bike. i think i saw a kit that relocates the rear shocks awhile back?

1972 Honda CB 500
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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