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Rhinebeck Swap Meet (NY) June 12/13

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Ill be at this one looking for rusty junk.
I have never been, but hear good things.
IF the show sucks can always head over to the aerodrome

The Rhinebeck Grand National Super Meet
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I haven't been in a couple of years. I don't think the meet is that old, and I went to the first of second one. It was pretty good. A lot of vendors. It's a lot of early American bike stuff, but not the usual rusty Custom Chrome garbage. There was quite a bit of Indian and I saw earlier brands as well. I think the club was pretty strict about not vending parts that were from models after 1970 or something. There was an antique engine club that set up at the fairgrounds the same weekend and that was interesting. a lot of hit and miss engines; all hooked up to water pumps, cord saws, lathes... all kinds of dangerous equipment that was just dying to take a finger or arm off. Good fun. In any event, the riding in the Hudson Valley is great.

their website goes back to 2007 with pictures but I remember this going back to at least the 1990s (unless I am thinking about something else in that area). The cool part is the aerodrome isn't far away so if you get bored of sweaty old timers and overpriced junque you can go watch WWI airplanes dogfight over a doll.
I plan to see the swap meet and go to the aerodrome for this.
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