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I have quite a few miles on the fuel injected kaw 1000 from the same era and the system is workable although the "brain" is about retarded..... autistic and typical early 80's Japanese at the very least

IF..... I were going to fool with one today I'd opt to rewire and use a micro squirt of accel/dfi unit the first time it left me walking due to failing electrically

the turbos themselves are fine and it's a much more viable turbo bike than the others, especially the very painful to live with seca

The Z1R Turbo bike is an excellent investment piece

even the plain Z1R is

I've owned two non-turbo ones and made very good on both of them even after abusing the crap out of them

my guess is a nice one should be a five figure bike....... in USD

not sure but I'd think a very very nice one could actually fetch 20K or more

but it would really have to be nice and would probably go to Japan to command that money
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