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Riding in the frozen temps....

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Dunno about y'all but it is FREEZING here! Winter finally kicked in with a vengence, I'm still rolling to and from work on 2 wheels and have a query for those of you who brave the winter...

Can anyone recommend a decent cold weather glove?

(I've been looking at Gerbings and the MSR cold pro's)

Seriously, I need some frostbite protection!

Beyond that all my gear has finally synched, I can honestly say I'm comfortable. Just those damn fingers.

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the electric gloves with a liner do pretty good, even at highway speeds. i know Widder makes gloves with connections to the shoulders of their vests, so you just have one plug to the battery. i've also adapted some battery pack heated insoles for the really nasty days. then again i haven't been out much since it got cold, but i used to commute to midtown from the sticks. otherwise, a windproof neck liner under the helmet strap, pulled up to the chin... and layers. if you put too much clothing under the vest, you loose a lot of the heat. and if you're getting air up your sleeves, there is some windproof ski gear, i think they're called "wristies" that loop over your tumb up inside your gloves and then wrap around the sleeve of your jacket...kinda like a really good gauntlet.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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