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Riding in the frozen temps....

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Dunno about y'all but it is FREEZING here! Winter finally kicked in with a vengence, I'm still rolling to and from work on 2 wheels and have a query for those of you who brave the winter...

Can anyone recommend a decent cold weather glove?

(I've been looking at Gerbings and the MSR cold pro's)

Seriously, I need some frostbite protection!

Beyond that all my gear has finally synched, I can honestly say I'm comfortable. Just those damn fingers.

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Rosko, the amount of black ice I have seen aroudn here lately makes me wonder if this is such a good idea. Both my cars have been out of commission for two weeks now so I am riding too and my trick is two pairs of gloves (one thick, and one thin) with alternating seams. Helps keep the wind out of the hand. Occasionally I'll Get uber crazy and put some plastic gloves on underneath that too.

Only ride in the daytime if you can help it. The hazzards are pretty bad here.
I can't believe you painted that beautiful white bike flat black.
White is for crackers.... Epically Trife!

seriously, I have the nice white tank, sidepanels etc. intact. Why ruin a nice stock set-up when I know its going to get knocked over, hit, exposed to the salt and elements? As passe as you say flat black motorcycles are I never see any riding around. Those passe folks must keep 'em parked in the garage. Foul weather, boo hoo.

Later websters, I'm going to passe my fingers off, Hippo hands here I come!

Normally I wouldn't complan if the bike looked like shit, but your beemer was cherry and actually gave me a massive hard-on dressed in white with that red/orange seat.

Hang out a vespa for a whole week every day and you'll see plenty of flat black machines, they all come in for an inspection. Same with works. I'm getting sick of the flat black, urban commando hipsters who have ruined some beautiful original paint jobs with a freaking rattle can. I don't know if you saw it but Works had a really nice original XS-1 win mustard yellow that was stunning. The guy who wanted to buy wanted to paint it flat black and that became the deal breaker. If I wasn't trying to get married and pay off my cb750 addiciton that bike would be in my living room.

Anyway, I'm surprised you don;t have heated grips already, has the beemer nazi's (yeah I said it) not found you yet? I left them in montauk, but I have a pair of camo gloves I got at a sporting good store that were heated and took a 9v battery in the wrist. That way I wasn;t all wired up to the bike like I was it's bitch.
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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