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Riding in the frozen temps....

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Dunno about y'all but it is FREEZING here! Winter finally kicked in with a vengence, I'm still rolling to and from work on 2 wheels and have a query for those of you who brave the winter...

Can anyone recommend a decent cold weather glove?

(I've been looking at Gerbings and the MSR cold pro's)

Seriously, I need some frostbite protection!

Beyond that all my gear has finally synched, I can honestly say I'm comfortable. Just those damn fingers.

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I would also run the bark busters to cut down on the wind. If its not enough you could always go with heated grips. I think the guards with the right glove should be fine. I'm wearing dirtbike gloves with a brown gardening glove over them and they work great for ice racing.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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