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Hi guys,

I'm new here. Have a Reg Luckhurst weslake/jawa/speedway methanol engine. Wanted to either convert it to petrol or to get a pre-unit triumph engine for my featherbed (and sell the RL). I also have an in pieces 500DT that I could convert to run on petrol.

Any help with the methanol to petrol conversion would be appreciated. From what I've been reading it seems I just need to adjust my carburettor but is that an adjustment or a swap out of those jets to different sizes? Also do I have to do anything to the engine itself like change out the valves or etc?

I've never built a (engine) bike before but kinda seems like fun to try. And I'm more leaning towards rebuilding the 500DT than touching the RL engine.


P.S. I tried to private msg someone but the system wouldn't allow it. Guess because I'm new here?
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