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Rockers documentary....

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I'm sure most of you have seen bits of this but, I'll post it anyhow:

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There is some old documentary I saw years ago about the mods v. rockers fights. Lots of cool old cafe racers and vespas. Quadraphoena (sp) is also a good look at the culture of the time.

Thise movie although it looks like it has some good scenes, seems like the same eletiest bullshit the harley guys pull with their motorcycle shows (you's a harley and we make fun of anybody riding something different). Still it makes the So-Cal scene look way better than the NYC scene which is practically nonexistant.
I forget who it was, but last year there was a magazine that published the friendliest and least friendly motorcycle cities. San Fran was rated the most friendly motorcycle city and not surprisingly NYC was near the bottom. San Fran has public motorcycle parking which blows my mind because NYC won't even consider anything like that. In fact the traffic and parking laws in NYC are the most unfriendly thing about the place. IF the city promoted motorcycling riding instead of punishing riders it would solve a lot of traffic problems.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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