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rod to cable vintage rear brake conversions

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I have seen racing hondas with a cable actuated brake converted from the rod type any one have good pictures of that as I just cant find any I can get my face into close enough to see.Or and web sites that have good pictures of this idea.
I not to happy with the rod angle when you try and connect up a rear set on the brake side. Unless someone has a better pic of this set up.Mayb be the question should be in technical smirks but if I can have a look see close enough I can do the technical.

I have seen them on honda cr750s but at the time didnt look that close at the bracketry

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first

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Do a google search for 'CYB350' or ' Honda CYB' threre are some good pics of a replica which used a cable rear. Also look into the CB77 and CA77 aka Honda Dream and Superhawk. Right side drive but used a cable activated brake, if the sizes are close you may be able to FLIP the mechanism into a newer CB hub? Just a thought, I just woke up so that may sound stupid in a coffee or two...

The 450 is a sweet sweet machine. I am in the process of rebuilding my street 450 which became externally oil cooled toward the end of last fall... it'll stay on the backburner till the track day is over with.

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