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rod to cable vintage rear brake conversions

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I have seen racing hondas with a cable actuated brake converted from the rod type any one have good pictures of that as I just cant find any I can get my face into close enough to see.Or and web sites that have good pictures of this idea.
I not to happy with the rod angle when you try and connect up a rear set on the brake side. Unless someone has a better pic of this set up.Mayb be the question should be in technical smirks but if I can have a look see close enough I can do the technical.

I have seen them on honda cr750s but at the time didnt look that close at the bracketry

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first

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chopper stuff but has a how to on converting rear brakes to cable on a cb750.

T500s are cable actuated rear brakes, try pirating the cable and arm off them to use on the cb750.
There are only 4 true factory built CR750s. They were prepped by honda for the Daytona 200 (the one Dick Mann won on a CR750 in 1970). Supposedly, these factory bikes had chromoly frames. Outside of that most CR750s were stock road going cb750s that people converted using the official #970 kits - which means that you can convert any cb750 if you had the parts. Knowing that, and how popular cafe-ing these bikes has become, it is not hard to see where there would be a demand. As for original 970 kits, honda bought back everything they could lay their hands on which makes parts rare. I have a few 970 parts mixed with 1970 parts and they are super light and totally badass.

I have seen a few road going CR750s and even considered doing one myself.

these are one of the "experts" out there on the CR750. They also build New Sandcast bikes out of NOS parts:

M3 had some nice parts too:

here is a crappy pic of the original 970 kit:

airtech's bodywork:

My own CR750 front end:

Actually it was built for drag racing out of what was left of a crashed 970 kitted road race bike and a 1969 Sandcast. The Wheel for sure is, as is the brake hangers and hardware (magnesium), and the clipons. The Calipers and forks I am unsure if they are part of the kit and the speedo hub and drive are definatly sandcast pieces.

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