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Roll call for Vintage Celebration

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I'm there, who's in?

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I guess I can be at home all day on Saturday. Crapy schedule.
yeah . . . there will be a corner worker every 50 feet since noone is racing.
where's the next vintage meet I can go to that is not at NHIS.?
summit is June 9th, right? Since there is no downtown laconia thing, Let's all go to summit, then drive on sunday to NH.
thanks for that informative link, tt, weather looks a lot wose than I thought.
MT's run in ULSV and the bump for the mt is LWSV, right?
I got an MT . . . . and it runs.
Ultralightweight, Lightweight and Heavyweight Supervintage (Period Il)
Period II Ultralightweight class is limited to approved air cooled machines made after 1968, like the Honda MT air cooled and the Yamaha series TA, TD also limited to 200. Period II Lightweight and Heavyweight Supervintage classes are limited to thoroughbred grand prix motorcycles, and race-prepared roadster motorcycles of comparable performance and appearance, with a maximum model year of 1972, maximum displacement of 850cc, two- or four-stroke, with the following exceptions permitted regardless of model year:

Classes based upon specification and displacement:

Ultralightweight Supervintage:
Up to 200cc-single or twin 2-stroke air-cooled engine from approved list
so champ why are you tellin me to run in LWSV when the rule book says ULSV? Did the rule change?
tt, there are supposed to be a bunch of imported japs coming to ride and i told decamp that I'd loan em the mt if they show up. Friends of Hiroshi.

JB, you coming or not? I cant tell from that last post.

And yes, Larry's boss is a nut. total fruit.

LWSV it is! !! !
wow . . . people are falling out fast and furious . .. and what about that cryptic note from marhan . . . gris/rescheduling due to pre-reg?

I'm outta here, on the road with Jaguar/baker . . .
1 - 11 of 87 Posts
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