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Roll call for Vintage Celebration

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I'm there, who's in?

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I think I've crashed at every single Vintage Celebration I ever least twice in T2.

AHRMA or WERA could pick up a 100 members if they ran a race in New England somewhere. There are so many people dying to do some real motorcycle racing for whole weekends. Somebody has got to put a bug in the ear of AHRMA or WERA to find some track time up here. Hell...VRRA has adopted AHRMA rules and classes now...they'd come down in droves.

Hey...what's everyone bitchin about....if you try real hard you could probably squeeze in about 4 hours of potential track time in 3 days :)

Vote with your dollars and your participation.
I do note that the Go Kart guys have three weekend races at NHIS this year, and the SCCA guys have four weekend races at NHIS this year. I note that we have 0 full weekends.

You maybe a collaborative effort between a couple of clubs and WE could secure a few full weekend races.
The USCRA membership seems to be increasing lately...maybe try to muscle in on some of these dates.

I know there are the stories of several new tracks (you know how that goes), one looks likely in NJ....but it seems to be the case that for some reason these other venues are never contacted in any serious way about hosting some of our events. I realize there is a lot of pressure from members that live close to the track...but as membership expands and reaches out farther into the N.E., some ovetures are going to have to be made to other venues. I agree that the venues are few and far between, but the seeming total lack of acceptance for any track but NHIS is a bit unusual.
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Parks...I hope so, but I'm not optomistic. There is some strange reluctance to deal with any track other than NHIS. I bet if that other track opens we never have one of our races there. My best case scenario would be the club "relocating" to a new facility where the USCRA is the "anchor" motorcycle race club and receives the best dates and prices.

Jet will be there in person, along with the other Clever Dog, Fly. They will be administering a free kick to the testicles for all vistors.

PS. Is that new NJ track the "New Jersey Motorsports" track? Also known as Thunderbolt Raceway? Cause...although it does look promising....apparently they haven't even started construction yet. I thought there was one where the building had already started.

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Those are famous last words....about the oil I mean.

At least the weather is looking pretty good. Would be very very cool to have a VC that wasn't wet.
Sounds like Bob is still thinking about Thompson...that's cool. It's close to me.... hell, the parking lot at NHIS was one of my favorite races so I'll try anything. I don't need no stinkin power or water and long as the track is a bit smoother than Gunstock I can live with it. Could mean more track time, less hassles and more $ for the USCRA.

PS. Weather outlook just turned to shit

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Another cold wet VC.
Boy who ever thought to move this whole affair to May was a freakin idiot. April and May it's raining every other day. I'm guessing NHIS did it because these are some of the dates that are harder to sell.

And before the NHIS locals pop off with "ohh riding in the rain is fun" screw you guys, you aren't driving 5 hours in the rain back and forth and sitting in the rain all freakin schmoo's drive back home at night. When will we see your lame asses at a race track more than 1 hour from your house.

Once again...the only reason I am going to go is because I can't get my money back. Last time I tried it NHIS threatened to bar me from the track. Should have paid the extra at the gate instead of pre-register. Gonna cost me about $1,200 to sit in the rain and get in maybe 30 laps on the track.

But then again....I've seen weather like this predicted where it turns out pretty nice.... in which case.... forget all my bitchin.
See less See more about you get my money refunded for the years I got screwed?

USCRA does it the right way....your check attached to your reggie sheet, if you don't show..they throw it out. NHIS cashes the checks as soon as they get them rather than wait and see who shows up.

But seriously...if you can get refunds...might want to let the club know that, cause it can takes months of trouble to get it back from NHIS. I'll spread the word...cause I know you'd do the same favor for other people you love as much as me.

I'm gonna go...just so I can bitch and moan if it's raining the whole time.


PS. TT, I hope you are right.

PSS. And I go to support the club of course...despite the hardship.

PSSS. TT...what the phuck does that freakin quote mean anyway? All them dang letters and such.

PSSS. Parks, I gotta be honest...smooth is not one of my riding my opinion. Balls to the wall is more my strong point.

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Same here. Chances of victory against Parks, Turkington, etc are very very slim in 250gp. In ULWSV I have a small shot against Yannerilla or Turk on his MT, and a shot at winning if they aren't running.

This weekend...not so much the rain, but the rain AND the 50 degree temps. Means it will suck to even sit around outside. It's my donation to the club.

Too late to work this weekend, I've already scheduled my replacement.
Now that the MT's don't run in's a better bet for me than 250gp. With Parks, Roper and Turk in 250 at any given time...the chances of a 200gp bike winning are slim to none.

I'm still up in the air about going. Trailer is packed and ready to go. But with Champ's refund offer hanging there.... I could salvage $300 in entries, $120 in fuel, and spend the weekend working in my shop. I gotta talk to the wife about it...and see if anything new shapes up in the weather report. Long as Sunday looks like it might work out I'm in.
Champ, yeah I realize that. Class was kind of made for them and the TA's but the MT's were...technically...too new, and awful fast for the class. Marty won LWSV on his MT pretty handly last event.

Kind of an orphan class have the TA's..which are pretty rare, I guess you could run an RD200, and some of the other Yam twins. Can't see the class going away gotta have a place for the TA's, they are technically what the USCRA is all about...real vintage race bikes.

I like to run the ULWSV cause my bike is more competitive there and I like to throw some business to the class that needs the numbers.
So now the thinking is that a bump class is not necessarily displacement? The "official" bump class is the next "more modern" class?
That seems to be the trend...200gp bumps to ULWSV, 250 bumps to LWSV etc.
The old system worked pretty good, there were a lot of good battles between 200gp and 250gp, ULWSV and 250gp. I guess a lot depends on whose racing what years. The 250gp class really raised the bar when Turk, Roper, yourself, Pritchard, Parks etc. started running a lot, it became a very fast competitive class.

PS. Weather for Sunday is looking a bit better...only 20% chance of rain at the moment.

Edited by - jbranson on May 17 2007 4:05:34 PM's all so complex... I just go where it looks the easiest to win....ok not easy...but less hard.
Yes the rules were changed... MT's run in LWSV....some fast company...but Yannerilla has won the class on his MT, (I'm sure Turk could too) so the potential is there.


PS. TT, hand me a $20 bill every single hour you are there in the rain, night and day, even while sleeping, until Sunday evening....that's my price of admission. So of course I am disappointed when the weather is crappy. I bitch to my friends cause that's what friends are for. Nobody's fault, my choice...but I'm going to be one disgruntled son of a bitch. And it's not easy, it's hard to be disgruntled. I haven't even broken out my guns yet.

Edited by - jbranson on May 18 2007 04:44:47 AM
Technically...since I did no laps...I paid an infinite amount of money per lap.

But...I had lots of fun none the less. Will be raging at the FIM meet.

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