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Roll call for Vintage Celebration

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I'm there, who's in?

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how about the saturday races switch to finish the day on sunday (sidecar heat/final excepted) with a 125 shootout finale.. the saturday races are most peoples second tier/bump races best done at the end of the event. this can still be's only monday.

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the problem isn't the's the lack of venues. like it or not, nhis, while big for their britches, is the only course around these parts. uscra attendence has been more consistant over the past few years than the other clubs from what i can tell-ahrma was a joke this year at daytona for entries as an example...-so don't expect them to rescue us from the limited scene. when branson international speedway opens in that oh so beautiful part of NY, i'll come running anytime i'm invited. now, i'm looking forward to seeing all you guys this weekend whatever the schedule is and i'll have a great time both on and off the track. can't wait.
Branson International Speedway. has a nice ring to it. if you build it, they will guess is that when/if "raceway track" in nj opens, there will be ample "presure" to get a great a great thing (4 day events?)started. the ny/nj gang has many capable individuals to get the ball rolling. and all the local to nhis guys will find it wonderfully "acceptable" to go there too. it looks like it could be a great track for us both in terms of layout (the pic.s look cool as stink) and in terms of location... a move in the right direction. let's all hope it works out.

p.s. please bring some pic.s of jet
Dr. b
you're sooo smooth, you will shred during the occassional're a champion now you sick bagger (a bicycling term of endearment)...can't wait to brawl it up with you in your 250 gp bump deal. they say rain is the 28 hp won't matter against your 25.
1 - 4 of 87 Posts
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