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Roll call for Vintage Celebration

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I'm there, who's in?

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Same here. Chances of victory against Parks, Turkington, etc are very very slim in 250gp. In ULWSV I have a small shot against Yannerilla or Turk on his MT, and a shot at winning if they aren't running.

This weekend...not so much the rain, but the rain AND the 50 degree temps. Means it will suck to even sit around outside. It's my donation to the club.

Too late to work this weekend, I've already scheduled my replacement.
MT's run in LWSV. You should bump into that.

MT's run in ULSV and the bump for the mt is LWSV, right?
MT's run in light weight supervintage and bump up from there.

Now that the MT's don't run in's a better bet for me than 250gp. With Parks, Roper and Turk in 250 at any given time...the chances of a 200gp bike winning are slim to none.

I'm still up in the air about going. Trailer is packed and ready to go. But with Champ's refund offer hanging there.... I could salvage $300 in entries, $120 in fuel, and spend the weekend working in my shop. I gotta talk to the wife about it...and see if anything new shapes up in the weather report. Long as Sunday looks like it might work out I'm in.
I've tried to get the MT's in ULWSV and I was told that they are to new for ULSV. SOOOOO, HONDA MT125R RACE IN LIGHT WEIGHT SUPER VINTAGE

Champ, yeah I realize that. Class was kind of made for them and the TA's but the MT's were...technically...too new, and awful fast for the class. Marty won LWSV on his MT pretty handly last event.

Kind of an orphan class have the TA's..which are pretty rare, I guess you could run an RD200, and some of the other Yam twins. Can't see the class going away gotta have a place for the TA's, they are technically what the USCRA is all about...real vintage race bikes.

I like to run the ULWSV cause my bike is more competitive there and I like to throw some business to the class that needs the numbers.
I got an MT . . . . and it runs.
I used to run in the ULWSV with my Ducati and did pretty good when the bike was fresh and I was faster. But they pushed the 250 class into the lwsv for the "modern" class-outside GP.

So now the thinking is that a bump class is not necessarily displacement? The "official" bump class is the next "more modern" class?
That seems to be the trend...200gp bumps to ULWSV, 250 bumps to LWSV etc.
The old system worked pretty good, there were a lot of good battles between 200gp and 250gp, ULWSV and 250gp. I guess a lot depends on whose racing what years. The 250gp class really raised the bar when Turk, Roper, yourself, Pritchard, Parks etc. started running a lot, it became a very fast competitive class.

PS. Weather for Sunday is looking a bit better...only 20% chance of rain at the moment.

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Actually the GP classes bump to there next GP displacement and then the SV classes with exceptions on displacement.

JS's all so complex... I just go where it looks the easiest to win....ok not easy...but less hard.
Ultralightweight, Lightweight and Heavyweight Supervintage (Period Il)
Period II Ultralightweight class is limited to approved air cooled machines made after 1968, like the Honda MT air cooled and the Yamaha series TA, TD also limited to 200. Period II Lightweight and Heavyweight Supervintage classes are limited to thoroughbred grand prix motorcycles, and race-prepared roadster motorcycles of comparable performance and appearance, with a maximum model year of 1972, maximum displacement of 850cc, two- or four-stroke, with the following exceptions permitted regardless of model year:

Classes based upon specification and displacement:

Ultralightweight Supervintage:
Up to 200cc-single or twin 2-stroke air-cooled engine from approved list
Oh yea....the 250 class. Parks and I had some REALLY cool epic battles and who ever won or lost, we would just SMILE about the out come.....ahhhh... those were the days!!

I'm getting a headache.

so champ why are you tellin me to run in LWSV when the rule book says ULSV? Did the rule change?
Hey all! Have fun this weekend. I won't be making it up, but I will miss you guys so throw a few back for me on Saturday night and have fun!

See you all in a few weeks!
Even sitting in the wet 50 degree garage will probably be better than my fate. My boss seemed to have a stroke on tuesday (we're a two man outfit). Turns out to have been a Subdural hemotoma (sp.?)-- bleeding around the brain, so he's been in the hospital to be released this weekend into my custody. Only EVIL in this group knows my boss and he knows what may lie in store for me. The bikes are ready, I was all pre registered--I even had made reservations months ago at the Red 'n Rough...See youse all in June. I'll be thinking about you.
a wet 50deg...perfect weather for a gardener in spring. i can still remember a wet 33deg...and johnny, i know you can too. quit bitchin', you spent too much time building hot bikes to whine so damn much. disgruntled is too effin' easy.

i'm in and having a hoot no matter. EVIL, i'll race your MT if you're looking for a rider.

fire beats rain everytime, and i have more weight in wood than racer gear.

Yes the rules were changed... MT's run in LWSV....some fast company...but Yannerilla has won the class on his MT, (I'm sure Turk could too) so the potential is there.


PS. TT, hand me a $20 bill every single hour you are there in the rain, night and day, even while sleeping, until Sunday evening....that's my price of admission. So of course I am disappointed when the weather is crappy. I bitch to my friends cause that's what friends are for. Nobody's fault, my choice...but I'm going to be one disgruntled son of a bitch. And it's not easy, it's hard to be disgruntled. I haven't even broken out my guns yet.

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